Resolutely Techno in Attitude

C.S.P.N.’s album is out now and it is a journey, that slowly pulls one in and doesn’t let go. We talked to him about it.   What does “Define Reflection Of An Echo” represent for you? Basically it’s my first long format and really personal! This project has been much influenced by the current worldContinue reading “Resolutely Techno in Attitude”

“Techno Paranoia” – Salim about his new Album!

With its classical music influences, rupturing breaks and vibrant basslines, “Techno Paranoia” forces a bridge between music genres, dark and light dimensions as well as minimalistic and agitated rhythmic structures. We talked to Salim about what it all means, how he transgresses genre boundaries and how he navigates through the vast universe of sound. WhatContinue reading ““Techno Paranoia” – Salim about his new Album!”

Out Now! Germán T.P “We Have to Live”

Germán Torres Ponce was born on February 16, 1986 in Rufino (Santa Fe), Argentina. He is a producer/DJ known by his stage name Dj Germán T.P. At the age of 12 years old he began to take private lessons in the school of music of the municipality of Rufino, Santa Fe, where he graduated asContinue reading “Out Now! Germán T.P “We Have to Live””