Resolutely Techno in Attitude

C.S.P.N.’s album is out now and it is a journey, that slowly pulls one in and doesn’t let go. We talked to him about it.   What does “Define Reflection Of An Echo” represent for you? Basically it’s my first long format and really personal! This project has been much influenced by the current worldContinue reading “Resolutely Techno in Attitude”

Enigmachina and Schnuppofsky about their Collaborative EP Fluid

Fluid is a collaborative EP between Montreal-based ambient producer Lisa Teichmann aka Schnuppofsky and the experimental project of Alban Rumpf aka Enigmachina, who is based in Germany. With 3 tracks, the EP features each a solo piece as introduction and outroduction for the central collaborative composition “Fluid”, in which both artists merged, reworked, arranged theirContinue reading “Enigmachina and Schnuppofsky about their Collaborative EP Fluid”

Eijra Woon – Daëwaë

Which words come to mind about your Daëwaë? free minded other worlds Nature spiritual saturation Earth Trees Dreams unidentified beyond death rebirth free from thought free from everything you think you know plants energy Visions Love transgender field recording guitar santour What is a santour? It’s an instrument. Mine is from Iran I discovered it whenContinue reading “Eijra Woon – Daëwaë”

MOREGO talks about his new Downtempo Ambient Album “Solivagant”

MOREGO is a downtempo ambient/ IDM music project founded by Iranian music producer Mohamadreza Govahi (aka Morego Dimmer, Xerxes The Dark, Nyctalllz, Nahan, Blind Owl, Ostanes) in 2009, and is signed to the Canadian label D.M.T. Records. In his early years (2009-2013), MOREGO released a neo-classical and post-rock EP and demo album. In 2013, MOREGOContinue reading “MOREGO talks about his new Downtempo Ambient Album “Solivagant””

“Techno Paranoia” – Salim about his new Album!

With its classical music influences, rupturing breaks and vibrant basslines, “Techno Paranoia” forces a bridge between music genres, dark and light dimensions as well as minimalistic and agitated rhythmic structures. We talked to Salim about what it all means, how he transgresses genre boundaries and how he navigates through the vast universe of sound. WhatContinue reading ““Techno Paranoia” – Salim about his new Album!”

“A thin dance vibrating through the doors that have been closed for ages.” – SISTAL about his release “UNKNOWN”

The music producer Stas Sursyakov a.k.a. SiSTAL fills his compositions with musical mystery, which causes the listener to dive into a meditative and hypnotic state. The true thing for him is not what he sees, but what he feels when he observes. And the sharper the feelings, the more desirable it is to express themContinue reading ““A thin dance vibrating through the doors that have been closed for ages.” – SISTAL about his release “UNKNOWN””

Interview with Kill Acid on Space about his release “Vibrations from Space”

Kill Acid on Space was born in Bari, Italy. He begins as a young man to experiment with new sounds to use in his live set and in its productions. Lover of vinyl records and analogue instruments. His style is dominated by techno music with electronic and ambient contrasts. He is always looking for inspirationContinue reading “Interview with Kill Acid on Space about his release “Vibrations from Space””