Capsules by Rami Moscovich


“Organic and cerebral kind of chill… minimal and tasteful playing. That kind of controlled atmospheric picking is harder than it seems. It takes a real talent to know what not to play…tone and delivery that matched the beautifully understated instrumentation… float into the track meditating on a theme of existential ennui”

Bob Smith, The Static Dive, about VACANT

“Warm dreamy sound, influenced by the Slowcore, ambience and Dreampop scenes”
Skope Magazine, about “First Frost” remix, released by Cudighi records

Floaty dreamy ambient electronica that seems to flow with no end and no beginning, an deep existential journey moving in an ever expanding cycle, falling down a rabbit hole walking down the same path again and again yet never passing the same place twice.

Rami is a strong believer in the power of music to transcend the listener through space and time. In this powerful yet minimal intuitive creation he combines electronic and live instruments to create his introversive vision, creating loops that grow and flow in an a-symmetrical manner creating patterns that echo inside, feeling familiar yet new, in constant motion. This process gave birth to Capsules, 6 musical pieces, whose names derive from the actual field recordings (a flock of doves sitting on his window) made during the creation process.

Music by Rami Moscovich
Distributed by D.M.T. Records



by Rami Moscovich


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