Resolutely Techno in Attitude

C.S.P.N.’s album is out now and it is a journey, that slowly pulls one in and doesn’t let go. We talked to him about it.


What does “Define Reflection Of An Echo” represent for you?

Basically it’s my first long format and really personal!

This project has been much influenced by the current world politics obviously but also past … an influence of sound and Amerindian musical color is here explored by the choice of melodies or rhythms as an echo to past and present history …

Oh thats fascinating! Do you then work minimalistic with sound, as in economically going from one sound and processing it into a track? That’s the feeling I get when listening to it. It’s as if a far away echo appears and comes closer slowly.

I wanted to create a geometric and mathematical aspect by some very slow and repetitive track or even in the construction as in the track: kcik! in which I used only one kick and the rhythm is made only by the reverb of this kick ….

I also notice that some tracks are slower than most techno tracks. Could you tell me more about what tempo means to you in this album?

Oh great question! I simply use low tempo to have more space for storytelling and to keep the music focussed on the mind and not on dancing … anyway you can feel the low beat as a fight against this furious speed of life we are living with no time for the message on music right now.

What does this message encompass for you?

Resolutely techno in attitude, this album is the work of several years and explores several major influences of the genre. From ambient to dub to industrial, I tried to transcribe a feeling deeply hidden in the depths of each of us. This duality between fatalism and hope for the world around us, those lifeless eyes that we meet or those smiles without conviction that we receive! The living reflection of this surreal, unthinking world and the desired echo of a naturally more utopian, necessary world “define reflection of an echo”.

A reflection of an echo?

Yes! I use minimalistic sound and explore it with echochambers and effects, as well as a greenbean box mode by my son with effects that can do more than a synth.

What do the track names mean?

If you reverse all the titles of the tracks you will have all the history of this album… it’s an “allégorie of living” … the hope are children … the last track is nerdlihc isn’t it?


Soundcloud Preview:

Release Dates:

Bandcamp (July 17th 2019):

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Stay tuned and keep it dark, minimalistic and technologic!






Interviewed by Lisa Teichmann aka Schnuppofsky

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