Microscopic Electronics or the Cradle of Sound: Listen to s.soo’s Album “Period”

Following the album release of “Unkown” on DMT Records in July 2018, Stas Sursyakov a.k.a. SiSTAL now appears with yet another release of a brand new ambient project called s.soo. Listening to the upcoming album “Period” gives the impression of blindfolded being led into a dark cave, accompanied by humming and drawn to a pulsating core.

Stas, you have two projects, SISTAL which is right between ambient and techno (read about it here) and s.soo, which could be described as deep ambient or microscopic electronics. Could you tell us more about how these two projects emerged and are related?

My project ‘SiSTAL’ existed from the very beginning, from the moment when I connected my life with electronic music. I dreamed of becoming a DJ. I needed a name. I took a piece of paper and a pencil. It ended up – dj sistal. This is project lasted seven years. If you take a picture of a landscape somewhere in the mountains or take a picture of an old village where there is not a single resident. And after many years you will return to the very place, you will see strong changes. This view will be very different from the pictures of past years. So we can observe the period of our life and everything around. My project ‘Sistal’ was the beginning when I was mixing music at parties. And it was a hobby for me. But much has changed and I stopped thinking of it as a hobby. Music has become a prayer for me.

How was s.soo born?

About three years ago, my sound began to change its shape and meaning. I wanted my nickname to complement my sound. A year ago, a new project ‘s.soo’ appeared in my head. And when Samuel offered me to record an album, I realized that this was a start for s.soo

How would you describe the creative process that followed?

Once the poet was asked about how he wrote his poems. He answered this question: ‘’I do not know’’. Then he was asked a second question: ‘’who can know about it?’’. He replied: ‘’God’’.

What does “Period” stand for?

Silently watching the slow and wise change of nature, one can experience the inspiration from everything around. The journey takes place in a natural way. Everything is saturated with the true.

PERIOD – it is a translation of emotions, contrasting feelings that I experienced and divided into separate sentences. These are elements develop in a regular and slow way, connecting in the cradle of sound.

Is there anything else you would like to share with us about this release?

I am grateful to my wife, she was a full-fledged creative partner and I am grateful not only for that, but also for understanding and patience during my long stay in the studio. I am grateful to Samuel Gagnon for the opportunity to record a full-fledged album where sensitivity to the emotional currents penetrating the depths of the whole world develops. And also thank you Kamielle Dalati-Vachon for the creative approach to the selection of the shot for the album cover.

Soundcloud Preview: https://soundcloud.com/d-m-t-records/dmtc225-ssoo-period-preview-mix

Release Dates:

Bandcamp (March 27th 2019): http://dmtrecords.bandcamp.com/album/period

Released on: https://dmtrecords.bandcamp.com

Stay tuned and keep it dark, minimalistic and technologic!






Interviewed by Lisa Teichmann aka Schnuppofsky


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