“Putting things in the line of rhythm”: Cek talked to us about his process in making “Dark Matter Halo”

DMT Records is thrilled to release Cek’s drum and bass EP “Dark Matter Halo”. Its exceptionally clean mix, energizing rhythmical storytelling and comforting dark distant textures inspired us to ask him to tell us more about music genres, structure and rhythm, and how to achieve a clean sound. Cek it out!

Let’s talk about your views on music genres: minimal techno versus drum and bass?

I think they are very similar these days. A lot of drum and bass have that same kind of minimal techno progression in it which i like. The sound is often very clean with well placed elements to keep the listener interested throughout the track. The difference in my process is how I create the drums. Drum and bass for me takes a bit more of an effort in the drums than techno to get them tight but still punchy and make sure that work with the higher tempo.

I especially appreciate your play with textures and sharp drum sounds. How do you relate structure and rhythm to atmospheric elements?

I think of making tunes as “putting things in the line of rhythm”. The atmosphere is treated as a drum in the groove to make every element fill in after each other. I imagine the synth sounds as a drum sample in a drum machine in order to know on which “step” to put it in into the track.

How do you achieve a clean sound? How would you describe your workflow?

I always start with making the main drums and I spend a long time on them to make them sound somewhat good from the beginning so I don’t have to “repair” them later in the mix. When the drums are in shape I put a groovy sub bass on the track which I often layer with another mid-bass synth to make it more audible. I create a short loop and add other elements such as synths, percussions and hi-hats to make sure I also have some depth and crispness. When I feel like I can listen to that same loop over and over again without getting bored I start with the building of the structure of the track. I like my tracks minimal so I add a little bit here and there to make sure something new is always happening. I usually mix a little as I go in the process but the tracks often need some finish work in the end to make everything sit right in the mix and sound good together.

Listen to the preview on Soundcloud:


Release Dates:

Bandcamp (March 6th 2019): https://dmtrecords.bandcamp.com/album/dark-matter-halo
Beatport (March 15th 2019)

Released on: https://dmtrecords.bandcamp.com

Stay tuned and keep it dark, minimalistic and technologic!






Interviewed by Lisa Teichmann aka Schnuppofsky


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