Van Rhijn’s “Gospel of Introspection” is out now on Vinyl!

Hear about how Piet van Rhijn’s album “Gospel of Introspection” calls for total freedom, how art and life in general has inspired him to create the cinematographic ambiance underlying the rhythmic textures of each track, and how the artwork plays into having a mental effect on the listener.

What would you like to share with the listeners about “Gospel of Introspection”?

As an electronic music producer, I hardly gain ideas from electronic music. My ideas come from depression, nocturnal life, surrealistic art, nature and my love for extreme (black) metal. I’m passionately anti-religious and I care a lot about the mental aspect that I try to pass on with my music. I regard my music as really focussed on the mental aspect. All I can say is that I experienced total freedom in making the album, I hope the listener experiences the same freedom interpreting it. Let the album be a soundtrack to our introspective journey in life..!

What inspired you to create this album?

I’m a big fan of foggy or mysterious artwork and concepts in music, as it really gives room for interpretation. I feel that’s why we love music in the first place. It resonates with who you are and how you feel, or it totally doesn’t ! It’s something very personal, everyone can enjoy this in their OWN way. To me making music has always been a very liberating experience.

Also the following movie has been of big importance to me:

I named two tracks on the album after this movie.

How does the album artwork relate to your music?

Kamielle did such an amazing job on this! Her insight and understanding of the concept, and her amazing level of creativity totally blew me off my chair and has become such an important element in the completion of the final product..! I needed something very specific for the album. Right from the start, Kamielle’s work exceeded my expectations by far and I’m forever thankful for that! Also the patience, dedication and trust I’ve been getting from DMT-label boss and amazing friend Samuel Gagnon has meant the world to me and I could not have done this without these 2 wonderful individuals.

Listen to the preview on Soundcloud:

van Rhijn on Soundcloud:

Release Dates:
Bandcamp (February 20, 2019):

Released on:




Stay tuned and keep it dark, minimalistic and technologic!

Interviewed by Lisa Teichmann aka Schnuppofsky

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