MOREGO talks about his new Downtempo Ambient Album “Solivagant”

MOREGO is a downtempo ambient/ IDM music project founded by Iranian music producer Mohamadreza Govahi (aka Morego Dimmer, Xerxes The Dark, Nyctalllz, Nahan, Blind Owl, Ostanes) in 2009, and is signed to the Canadian label D.M.T. Records. In his early years (2009-2013), MOREGO released a neo-classical and post-rock EP and demo album.
In 2013, MOREGO decided to switch to electronic music, and released a single called “Quasicrystals”. Solivagant is a mainly ambient/IDM album with a hint of chill-out. Mohamadreza is famous for his dark ambient project Xerxes The Dark, and his experimental electronic alias Nyctalllz.

Connected through arches of melodic ambient themes, Solivagant is a journey through dynamic downtempo ambient. Rhythmic patterns give structure by introducing minimal grooves, carried by melancholic neoclassical elements and organic sounds such as voice and piano.

Tell us about your project MOREGO. How was it born and how does it relate to your first project, Xerxes the Dark?

In Summer 2009, I decided to start a new project as some of my previous projects/bands were discontinued (like NaHaN, Blind Owl and Ostanes), and I wanted to experience with more rhythmic and melodic music. At that time, I’ve chosen the name MOREGO, which is derived from my real name for the music project. I started to compose some neo-classical opuses and needed a female vocal to record the vocal lines, but unfortunately couldn’t find a fitting one, so I used some VSTs instead. Then I released a demo in 2011 with the title “Departed Blind Owls”. After a while, I started to compose some ambient and post-rock songs, but due to a lack of budget the quality was not very good and I decided to release the song as another demo album under the title “Seasons of the Wrong Mind” in March 2013.

Xerxes The Dark is influenced by metaphysical phenomenon, alchemy, mystic and scientific issues. It reflects my dark side. But MOREGO is about my life and my personal experiences are the source for the music of MOREGO: dark and gloomy visions, as well as bright and somehow beauty things.

As you stated in earlier interviews, “Solivagant reflects a story behind a revenant man”, whose “favorite hobby is walking alone and thinking.” How do these activities relate to music creation for you?

Well, Solivagant can be translated as wandering (or walking) alone. I must confess that “loneliness” is the feeling that my soul has been experiencing most of the time throughout my life. Solivagant presents the beauties of loneliness and solitude. Being lonely can be very difficult too. My hobby is walking alone and listening to music while I’m thinking. Being alone can help you to focus on things, both negative and positive. Usually for solving a problem I walk and think about it and do some meditations. Most of the time, when I’m not listening to music, musical notes come to my head; rhythms, melodies, beats ect. Even if I forget most of them when I arrive at my destination, I believe that those notes infuse my unconscious mind, so when I’m writing music, they appear as inspiration.

What are some of the challenges you are facing as an experimental music producer in the country you live in and how do they influence your creation process?

I cannot receive my royalties due to paypal laws and sanctions and there is no good market for experimental music in my country. Earning money is important to survive in life and upgrading my studio as well as gear for live performances. Lack of budget forced me to do everything by myself, from photography and graphic design to promotion and press, from mastering to marketing. I spend so much time on music, but I’m not satisfied with the financial results. The worst thing for an independent producer is the lack of money, which can cause long delays for completing a project, because I must stop music production and go to work , save money (that is nearly impossible in our current situation) to buy my desired instruments, gear ect.

There are too many problems and issues here for artists, that I talked about in some of my previous interviews. Also I can’t tell most of the things here and now, but maybe in the future. Lack of budget, sponsorship, supports, respect are the most pressing issues that a producer is facing here. We have no rights here, as an independent artist / producer who performs and makes electronic music. Keeping ourselves motivated is a hard task, when you look back and see you have worked about 13 years, but you haven’t earned almost anything, you feel lonely and blue. But as long as I’m alive, I will live with music, for music and by music.





Listen to the preview on Soundcloud:

Release Dates:

Bandcamp (September 26th, 2018):

Beatport (October 5th 2018)

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Stay tuned and keep it dark, minimalistic and technologic!

Interviewed by Lisa Teichmann aka Schnuppofsky



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