“Making music is to connect the world through the sounds it emits” – MOGO about his EP “Dark Temptation”

Arturo Jiménez Pérez aka. MOGO, is a music composer / independent producer born in 1989 in a small town in Mexico.

At the age of 8, he entered the world of sounds and harmonies when he experienced playing the guitar, influenced by the psychedelic 70’s. The musical freedom expressed by David Gilmour, Roger Waters, Syd Barrett, the mechanical sounds of Kraftwerk to the new era of new Beat and synthesizers, touched his soul and lead the way on his musical journey.

As he discovered electronic tools, he started generating the strange mixture of natural and synthetic, time forging a musical character that is known as Mogo.

“Dark Temptation” is the equivalent of an endless spiral, leading the listener through a labyrinth of bells, pillars of crunchy basslines, and repeating melodic phrases. Those who enter might get lost, walking down similar paths, that always appear slightly different.

What is the image you had in your mind when you created “Dark Temptation”?

I really wanted to create a more aggressive image of my sound, something more attached to techno. Lately I was inclined more towards that line but always trying to keep my soul from losing the connection with what I wanted to give and  to understand with my music. I understand that all artists must evolve and with this EP I could get to the exact mix between where I want to go without losing the path I have already travelled during my career.

What strikes you the most in “Dark Temptation” and the “The Great Mistery” and why?

What really strikes me most about the tracks are the bass and the synthesizers that complement the bass with low frequencies. I love generating that kind of sound textures. Sometimes it’s a bit complicated to get them to have a good relationship but I give a lot of attention to the mixing process.

How do you describe the connection between the natural and the artificial in your music and how did you implement this connection in “Dark Temptation”?

I think it is a theory that I have developed to create my music. I have a very deep connection with American cultures in general and I feel like and am a Mexican native. From day to day I try to implement this worldview in my way of life.

In music I always try to use numbers that have to do with a sacred account in American cultures on 1, 2, 4, 7, 9, 13, 26, 39, 52 … these are numbers that I use very often when I produce to try to bring in different parameters with the aim of getting closer to the sacredness in my music.

I always try to create a connection between the listener and myself through the music I create. Due to the fact that the listener can reach some trance, memory, or any feedback that comes to him when listening to my music, I consider it a finished track, at least in the creative process.

Music is an impressive art. Sound can attack the spirit of people in an amazing way and reach very intimate and sacred parts inside of people. I am always trying to manifest myself musically in the best way to interact with the people.

Listen to the preview on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/d-m-t-records/dmt084-mogo-dark-temptation-preview-mix

Release Dates:

Bandcamp (August 29th 2018)

Beatport (August 7th 2018)

Released on: https://dmtrecords.bandcamp.com




Stay tuned and keep it dark, minimalistic and technologic!

Interviewed by Lisa Teichmann aka Schnuppofsky


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